How to Become a Fire Alarm Technician

How to Become a Fire Alarm Technician

Being a fire alarm technician is one of the many rewarding careers in the field of electrical engineering. It is both physically and mentally challenging, but also offers a lot of opportunities for personal development.

In order to become a highly skilled fire alarm technician you will first need to complete an apprenticeship program, receive on the job training via a fire alarm company, or a combination of the two. You will learn how to install, service, maintain, and repair fire alarms as well as understand their basic operation.

In Texas, in order to work on anything but the most basic components of a fire alarm system, you must also take and pass a code exam and receive a license from the Texas Department of Insurance. There are several types of licensing depending on what type of work you will be performing. You can learn more about them here:

How Long Does It Take To Become A Fire Alarm Technician?

Becoming a fire alarm technician requires time and effort. The duties of a fire alarm technician include installing, maintaining, and repairing fire alarms. They play a vital role in the prevention of death or injury due to fire and are essential to the safety of people on the property they are working at.

It can take several years to become a certified technician from on-the-job training before you can apply for certification through one of the national organizations such as NICET, NFPA, or the ESA but you can study and receive your state of Texas Fire Alarm License in a much shorter period of time. This will allow you to perform work on Fire Alarm Systems and receive on the the job training you would not have access to otherwise.

What Kind of Education Do I Need For a Career as a Fire Alarm Technician?

No formal education is necessary to start a career as a Fire Alarm Technician. However, a background in electrical work and electrical and mechanical aptitude certainly provide a better foundation and lessen the on the job learning curve. Several trade associations do offer multi- year apprenticeships but it is not necessary to complete them in order to get started earning money as a helper with a Fire Alarm Company where you will get an education on the job.

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