Looking to Switch Careers? Here’s Why You Should Consider the Electrical Field

If you’re thinking about taking a different career path, and you’re considering a trade, you might want to take a serious look at becoming an electrician. Here are five reasons it could be just the opportunity for you.  

1. The pay is great. 

An electrician is the most well-paid job among the construction trades, and over the last few years, the average electrician’s pay has increased. At the same time, pay for plumbers and other trades has decreased.  

The cause is a simple matter of supply and demand. There’s a general shortage of skilled electricians because many electricians left the trade for greener pastures after the recession of a decade ago.  

2. Training can be affordable. 

Not only is electrician pay good, but it doesn’t take a huge investment to start making money. Unlike other fields, you don’t need to rack up student debt to get started. Like many other trades, electricians can be certified through training that’s relatively cheap. And you may be able to do paid work while training.  

3. Career opportunities are abundant. 

There’s always a need for good electricians, so they can find work in any state. Not only that, but there’s a great variety of work to do.  

Plus, advancement opportunities are plentiful. If you work hard and keep your eyes open, you may find other career choices with higher pay and more responsibility. 

4. Electricians do stimulating, interesting work.

Handling electrics can be a tricky business. You must gain a solid understanding of electrical diagrams, practical installation skills, and health and safety matters.   

The upside is that all this hands-on work is challenging and engaging. And while it does involve rigorous physical work, it’s not constantly exhausting. There’s always a nice balance between physical work and problem-solving. And it’s never boring. 

5. You can be your own boss 

If your goal is to run your own business, you’ve found the right trade. Many electricians own their own business and take care of the management themselves. And just as training to be an electrician is affordable, so is running an independent electrical business. For instance, electricians don’t need to invest a ton of money in overhead, as they don’t need an office or any other type of rigid location.  

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