Back to Work: Tips for Restarting Your Job Search Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is by no means over, but as vaccine distribution picks up, Texas and the rest of the country are slowly working their way back to “normalcy.” That could mean more opportunities to get your job search back on track. Depending on your circumstance, there are several ways you can come to support yourself and your loved ones while you get back on your professional path.  

If You’re Currently Searching for a Job, Keep Applying.

If you’re not hearing back from employers with whom you’ve applied, it may be because they’re taking some time to answer questions that may affect their conversation with you, such as whether their workforce should work remotely. While you wait, maintain your momentum by sending out new applications for jobs that match your skills, experience, and qualifications. Set a daily application goal and reward yourself in small, meaningful ways after reaching it, like taking time to read or listen to your favorite artists.  

Reevaluate Your Job Search Strategies.

Take regular looks at your cover letter, resume, and even the jobs you’re applying for. Do the jobs you’re applying to fit your skills, background, and experience? Are the resumes and cover letters you’re sending targeted to employers’ job postings?  

Supplement Your Income.

Consider looking for part-time, remote, or gig work until you get a permanent job offer. It will help you keep your skills sharp and provide extra income.  

If You Need Gig Work Fast, Do Your Research.

Reach out to your network and search online for gig opportunities. Do specific searches on job sites with keywords based on your experience, whether it be “mover,” “driver,” “bartender,” or “stagehand.” Then narrow your search by filtering for salary and experience level or job type.  

Consider Related Positions.

You may be able to apply your skills to jobs you haven’t yet considered but can find more quickly and easily. For example, if you’ve had experience with stage setup crew, you might consider looking for mover jobs.  

Consider Working for Gig Apps.

Online apps like rideshare driving, food, or grocery delivery allow you to sign up and start working at your convenience quickly.  

Supplement with Remote Work.

If you’re finding it difficult to get gig work, consider looking for remote or online work. Like data entry or transcription, these jobs can provide much-needed income for people with little or no experience.  

We Can Help You Find a Job

No matter what your current job-search situation is, TradeSTAR can help you. We work with top employers with several offices across Texas for your convenience. If you’re on the hunt for an opportunity, contact our team today or browse our online job search portal 

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