When hiring technicians, audiovisual (AV) companies seek candidates who are well-rounded and can guarantee consistently strong AV installation work. One strategy many of these employers use is prioritizing not just “hard” technical skills, but also “soft” skills, as these nontechnical attributes are often the key to successful projects. Here are seven AV technician skills that, once honed, will help you land the perfect job. 

1. Strong communication 

Strong communication between AV managers and technicians is the foundation upon which successful projects are built. Some would even place these communication skills above organizational skills in importance, since excellent organizational skills are made possible because of proficient communication. 

2. Effective time management 

Providing your employer with timely updates and the ability to implement tasks on schedule are essential for successful AV projects. Without effective time management skills, such as planning ahead and tackling troubleshooting issues as they arise, you won’t be able to deliver projects on time or to your clients’ standards. 

3. Active learning 

Technology is constantly evolving, which means you should be an active learner to keep pace with the industry. You have plenty of online options to keep your knowledge current, and some of them, like Extron, Crestron, BrightSign and Biamp, offer digital certifications – which could count toward your continuing education requirements. 

4. Critical thinking 

Critical thinking is vital to AV design and installation because it involves complex problem-solving. You should be able to not only visualize the best solutions for your clients’ needs, but also troubleshoot specific issues that arise with each unique AV system. 

5. Professional customer service 

Although, as a technician, your primary responsibilities will be technical, you should remember you’ll also be an extension of your company and its brand. Employers don’t want techs who’ll be known for tardiness, rude treatment of clients or unprofessional appearance. Think about how you present yourself. If you can make a good impression on your hiring manager, they’ll trust you to make a good impression on their clients as well. 

6. Attention to detail 

Technicians have to deal with finicky hardware and software components; they also need to anticipate and meet clients’ expectations. Both requirements depend on perceptiveness and detail-orientation. 

7. Coordination 

Employers seek technicians who can coordinate their tasks and goals with others on the AV team. You’ll also be counted on to adjust your actions to changing project parameters. Like other items on this list, coordination is based on effective communication. 

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