Follow the Money: Tracking the Average Salary of Fire Alarm Technicians in Texas

Under the heading of “fire alarm technician,” there are several specialties — all of which are in high demand in Texas. As you consider which specialization to pursue, one of your considerations will be how much you can make. Start your search by checking this list from Indeed of the average salaries of different fire alarm technician specialties working in Texas. 

Alarm technician — $21.15/hour  

Also referred to as an alarm adjuster or installer, this job title installs, maintains, and repairs security systems, fire alarms, and related wiring and equipment. They’re also responsible for making sure that all installation and repair work is compliant with safety codes. 

Fire engineer — $18.17/hour 

Fire engineers are responsible for coming up with solutions to protect people, homes, and buildings from fire and the damage that may result from it. Their chief function is deploying up-to-date fire alarms and sprinkler systems. 

Installation Technician — $16.30/hour 

These technicians install power supply systems. They also may be responsible for troubleshooting and repairs. 

Maintenance Technician — $17.11/hour 

Maintenance technicians install, maintain, repair, assemble and disassemble machinery in industries, power stations, factories, refineries, construction sites, and hospitals. 

Service Technician — $16.96/hour 

These technicians perform technical services and repairs. They occasionally interact with clients, but their primary responsibility is performing mechanical repairs and maintenance — either independently or within a team. 

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Obviously, a lot of these job descriptions overlap. But this list should give you a better idea of what to expect when you start looking at job listings. And speaking of job listings, TradeSTAR works with top employers with several offices across Texas for your convenience. If you’re on the hunt for a technician opportunity, contact our team today or browse our online job search portal

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