3 Ways to Improve Your Mechanical Aptitude Skills

In the electrical world, mechanical aptitude is known to be important. It’s consistently been linked with success on the job in basically all types of related roles. Unfortunately, many workers assume aptitude is something you’re born with – either you have it or you don’t. The good news is there are a variety of tools and resources that electricians and wiring professionals can use to build mechanical aptitude skills.   

What skills are employers looking for in technician roles? 

When an employer sets out to screen employees for aptitude, they usually combine several different methods. Some will stress practical applications, like recognizing the tools of the trade and manipulating them in ways they’ll need to on the job. Others will emphasize abstract reasoning and logic, like identifying patterns and predicting the next item in a sequence.   

If you’re worried about whether you can perform on these evaluations, don’t stress out! Anyone at any age can increase their mechanical aptitude, using these three approaches. 

1. Instructional Videos 

Learning about different types of tools and their uses is perhaps the easiest way to boost your mechanical aptitude. YouTube, Vimeo, and other free video sites are a great way to learn mechanical concepts and skills from experts in general mechanical basics and specialized knowledge areas. You can watch and re-watch these videos at your own pace and interact with the online community if you have questions.   

2. Find a Mentor 

The more abstract aspects of mechanical aptitude involve thinking through how several small or complex pieces of a puzzle will fit together. You can use videos to build these skills as well, but you’ll get an even bigger boost by working with a seasoned expert who can talk you through their process. 

3. Take a Class 

Videos can be great for shoring up your knowledge on individual skills, but sometimes, a structured course can more completely improve your overall aptitude – or in many specializations. Check out free resources like iPrep, or a paid course such as Prepterminal. (Even courses that have a fee may be more affordable than you think.) 

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