A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Structured Cable Technician

It’s a good time to enter the cable industry. The entry-level salary is competitive, it can lead to an information technology career, and it’s a chance to be a part of business growth in your community. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to get started. 

Education  While an associate’s degree in telecommunications, electronic or electricity can give you a boost, all you really need is a high school diploma. You can also get certified by organizations like the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. 

Training – Training is provided by some employers, but most is done on the job. 

Skills – Employers will be looking for workers who can use diagnostic equipment and power tools.  Physically, you will need strength, stamina and the ability to see color. You’ll also need “soft” skills like customer relations and teamwork. 

So, what does the on-ramp to a structured cable technician career look like? Basically, you’ll need to take three steps. 

Step 1: Meet Educational Requirements 

Future structured cable technicians should focus on math, reading and writing classes, but you may also want to take classes to develop mechanical skills and learn about electrical systems.  

Step 2: Gain Work Experience 

Many structured cable technicians start their careers pulling wire. This provides valuable experience working with cable equipment – and customers. You may also perform minor troubleshooting as a cable installer, which will put you in a good position for a more advanced structured cable technician role. 

Step 3: Earn Certification to Advance Your Career 

Structured cable technicians can earn certification in a variety of telecommunications specialties. To these certifications, you will need to meet work experience requirements and pass both written and practical exams.  

Once you earn a certificate, be sure to keep it current. Certified structured cable technicians must usually meet re-certification requirements. You’ll want to check with your certifying agency for detailed renewal instructions, including how often re-certification is required. 

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