How to Make the Most of Your Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is an important step in your career path. Unfortunately, some view an apprenticeship as just a means to an end – a stepping stone on the way to a better career. In fact, the things you learn and the relationships you develop during your apprenticeship will serve you well no matter where your trade takes you. Whether you’re applying for an apprenticeship or are just about to start one, here are 10 ways to make the experience better for you. 

1. Start Strong 

Make sure to choose the right apprenticeship for you, in a specialty you find interesting. Do plenty of research (including job listings and other resources at TradeSTAR to get started. 

2. Plan Ahead 

Once you’ve lined up an apprenticeship, give yourself a head start. Find out from your training provider if there are useful websites to visit or books to read, assemble your work outfit, and make any necessary travel arrangements. Don’t leave anything for the last minute. 

3. Nail the First Day 

From the first time you clock in, you start building your reputation. Get there on time (even if you need to set two alarms) and prepared to go to work. Making a good impression is important, so be polite and show your new employer they’ve made the right choice. 

4. Listen 

Your colleagues and mentors are there to help you, so listen to their instructions and take their advice to heart. Lean on their experience. 

5. Ask Questions 

No one expects you to know everything, and there’s no harm in asking questions. It’s better to feel ignorant for a second than to have a gap in your knowledge. 

6. Organize Your Time 

Your apprenticeship will include work and study, and juggling the two can be challenging. Work out a schedule that allows you to devote ample time to hands-on training and coursework. You may even want to get an app to help you get and stay organized. 

7. Be Honest and Enthusiastic 

The right attitude can carry you a long way. If you haven’t understood something or you’ve made a mistake, just say so; you’re there to learn. Being keen and helpful will get you noticed and help you go far in any job. 

8. Be a Teammate 

You’re going to be part of a team during your apprenticeship, so be a team player. Offer to help, be friendly and polite, and share ideas with your mentor and colleagues. 

9. Set Goals 

You may not need a day-by-day apprenticeship plan, but having goals in mind will help you maximize the benefits of the experience. Think about the skills you want to develop or the things you want to achieve. Then, tell people about your goals so your friends and colleagues can support you in reaching them. 

10. Go Out on a High Note 

At the end of your apprenticeship, make sure you get contact details for your mentor and others you worked with. Whatever specialty you’re in, it’s handy to know people and have a good reputation. 

TradeSTAR Can Help You Find the Right Apprenticeship 

Need help finding the apprenticeship that’s right for you? TradeSTAR can help. We work with top employers with several offices across Texas for your convenience. If you’re on the hunt for a technician opportunity, contact our team today or browse our online job search portal

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