No matter what industry you work in, leadership is a coveted quality. It helps your co-workers and your employer, and it can pay dividends personally in terms of recognition, salary, and other compensation. Here are six tips for standing out as a leader in your workplace. 

1. Show A Strong Work Ethic 

When you show a willingness to get your hands dirty and work hard alongside your team, it drives the team’s level of dedication, especially when they see you doing your fair share of heavy lifting (perhaps literally) and setting the pace. 

2. Be Open-Minded and Welcome Dissenting Views 

Drawing people with divergent opinions and experiences gives you the opportunity to show a willingness to grow and a tendency toward fairness, which earns respect. 

3. Winning Isn’t Everything, But It’s The Most Important Thing 

Regardless of the passion you have for what you do or offer in your work – and the greater good it can accomplish – ultimately, your goal is to beat your competition. Good leaders keep this in mind and remind their colleagues what the company is striving for. 

4. Always Have A Plan B and Plan C 

Having a contingency plan helps you cope with both uncertainties and surprise opportunities. Showing preparedness – even on an individual level – inspires confidence in your co-workers and is a hallmark of leadership. 

5. Take Risks and Prepare to Fail 

Becoming truly good at what you do will necessarily involve plenty of falls. Don’t be afraid of failure that comes from striving for challenging goals and pushing your professional envelope. People are inspired by those who take risks in the name of helping a team succeed, and they’ll often have your back when you occasionally stumble. 

6. Trust Your Co-Workers 

Whether you’re in a supervisory role or a team member, it’s important to show faith in your colleagues to do their jobs well. People who feel trusted and safe are more likely to be engaged on the job and take risks to help the team be successful. They’ll also be more willing to stretch their comfort zone and drive the team forward. 

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