These 3 Low-Voltage Jobs Are In High-Demand

While COVID-19 has been devastating to the job market in general, low-voltage technicians are in high demand in Texas – and particularly Houston – according to ZipRecruiter. Here are the three hottest job titles for low-voltage technicians, along with their average salaries and licensing requirements. 

1. Fire Alarm Technicians 

Fire alarm technicians are a hot commodity in Texas, where the average salary for these positions is $22.32 per hour and $46,436 per year. Following blueprints of electrical layouts and building plans, fire alarm technicians install, maintain or repair fire alarm systems and equipment. 

To get your Texas fire alarm license, you must either have a current Electronic Security Association Level III Fire Alarm Designer certification, or pass the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies Level III Fire Alarm Systems test. 

2. Security Technicians 

Security technicians install security cameras, monitors and other surveillance tools for both businesses and homes. Experience in programming camera routines could give you an advantage over other jobseekers. 

Texas security technicians have an average salary of $21.37 per hour and $44,448 per year. You need a license from the Texas Private Security Bureau to install security systems. 

3. Structured Wiring Technician 

These techs Install communications equipment in offices, private homes and buildings that are under construction. They set up, rearrange and replace routing and dialing equipment. Structured wiring technicians also inspect and service cables and related equipment.  

Structured wiring technicians in Texas make an average of $18.61 per hour and $38,719 per year. According to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, low-voltage wiring technicians working in telecommunications aren’t required to have a license. 

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