When companies can’t find experienced help many turn to temp agencies and wind up with unqualified “warm bodies” on their jobsites. They may be told these “temps” have related experience only to find out they are un-trainable, lack the necessary drive, lack the mechanical aptitude or lack the ability to meet minimum expectations. As a result companies lose valuable time and money.


You Don’t Start Building A Foundation On The Fifth Floor.

We are building foundations from the ground up. With input from our client partners we developed a program to identify quality entry level candidates who not only have the drive necessary to perform in a fast paced construction/installation environment but also possess the aptitude to grasp concepts required to excel in the fields we staff.
But our process doesn’t stop there…


After we identify and qualify candidates they attend an eight hour entry level training class based off of industry standards and best safety practices. These classes are designed to lessen their on the job learning curve and provide us with additional opportunities to screen for any adverse behavior. All of this takes place before a candidate is ever presented to our clients. We identify, screen, qualify and deploy career minded helpers eager to learn the trades we staff and equipped to succeed. Because of our process we are able to stack the deck in favor of our partner clients.


  • Unlike a temp agency, TradeSTAR is a Project Staffing Firm with a focus on building long lasting partnerships with our clients. We treat your projects as if they were our own. We would rather not send you someone than knowingly send you the wrong person.
  • Our selection process starts with a comprehensive interview that is designed to filter out “temps”(even if your need is temporary), identify predatory behavior, identify the aptitude to excel at low voltage or electrical installation and identify any background or performance related issues as well as verify work history, licensing, certifications and good professional references. All candidates must have basic hand tools, be willing to work a flexible schedule including overtime as needed, have a drivers license and have reliable transportation.
  • Candidates attend an eight hour entry level training program for Fire Alarm or Structured Cabling installation if they make it through the initial selection process. Each course serves a dual purpose. Not only are they designed to cover best safety practices and industry specific fundamentals pertinent to the entry level cable puller but they also serve as an extension of our interview process. Candidates are observed and assessed on their ability to work with others, follow instructions, disruptive behavior, attentiveness and more. Our courses are based on BICSI, TIA/EIA, NFPA &NEC codes and standards with input from contractor clients.
  • Once candidates have successfully completed entry level training and no behavioral or motivational issues are detected we assign them Personal Protective Equipment, verify they have all basic hand tools and verify they have the project specific clothing required.

Only then is the candidate presented to the client partner. The candidate has now been drug screened, has passed a nationwide background check, has good references, is outfitted with PPE, trained on the basics of commercial cable pulling and some basic end user terminations, has been safety trained, equipped with basic hand tools, has a drivers license and has reliable transportation. Additionally, once clients have selected candidates TradeSTAR can facilitate a variety of other site specific services such as OSHA10, FAST PASS fingerprinting, Badging, additional background checks and drug screening as well as certified payroll, *CIP Enrollment and prevailing wage reporting.


Good experienced technicians are hard to find the busier it gets. To avoid shortfalls we work with or partners to plan ahead for their projects. However, when our clients find themselves with last minute needs or simply need more manpower than anticipated they have the option to choose between an eager to learn TradeSTAR helper or the “experienced”
technician from other providers who has a bad reputation, is known for shoddy work, has worked with everyone in town, etc. Which one ends
up costing a company more in the long run?

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