10 Reasons Texas Contractors Partner With TradeSTAR

10 Reasons Why Texas Electrical & Special Systems Contractors Partner With TradeSTAR

10 Reasons Texas Electrical & Special Systems Contractors Partner With TradeSTAR


TradeSTAR has enjoyed almost two decades of partnership with some of Texas’ most accomplished and well known commercial electrical contractors, special systems contractors, and building technology integrators.  Why have we enjoyed such success and why do these companies partner with us? Here are 10 Reasons Why Texas Electrical & Special Systems Contractors Partner With TradeSTAR:

  • Electrical & Low Voltage Staffing is all we do – we are industry staffing experts. Your business is our business.
  • TradeSTAR conducts written and hands-on skills assessments.
  • Before presenting a candidate, TradeSTAR conducts reference checks; licensing and certification verification; local, state, and national background checks; and substance abuse screening.
  • We assume the risk associated with workers’ compensation claims and unemployment.
  • TradeSTAR is well-versed with construction-specific safety, payroll, and accounting needs such as prevailing wage, multi-jobsite & multi-pay rate timekeeping, certified payroll reporting, controlled insurance programs, badging, and so on.
  • We have operated across Texas since 2004. We maintain relationships with, and have access to a large talent pool of electricians and technicians.
  • TradeSTAR enables you to adjust your labor force quickly to meet fluctuating demand.
  • We screen for behavioral issues that can lead to disruptions on the jobsite or within work groups and teams.
  • TradeSTAR is involved with things that matter to the Texas construction community. We actively support the trades and we maintain memberships with several Texas trade associations like the Associated General Contractors and Independent Electrical Contractors
  • We provide entry-level training and career counseling for entry-level job seekers at four brick-and-mortar training centers located across Texas. 


Learn more here or give us a call at 1-281-991-0100 to schedule a consultation.  Reach out today.


There are few firms who are able to provide customer service like we have experienced with TradeSTAR. I highly recommend you consider using TradeSTAR as a reliable partner for all of your staffing needs.


Without having your company to call on for quality labor, we could not have achieved the level of success we have in the past two years.


Through both general growth and three of the largest commercial construction projects in the world, we had to constantly add to our skilled labor pool for staffing, in many cases with very short deployment timelines. TradeSTAR was instrumental in our success both in assisting with direct hire candidates and with providing short term deployment technicians. […]


We have had a long term relationship with Richard Currier at TradeSTAR and have been able to rely on his company to supply our projects with talented, well trained technicians. The applicant pool comes to us accurately assessed in terms of skill set, knowledgeable and versed on our procedures and expectations. His communication is always […]


I have utilized TradeSTAR, on numerous occasions. In the current volatile construction market, it is imperative to be able to ebb and flow with the labor demands. Equally as important as being able to adjust to the changing workloads, is to be able to accomplish the work with a competent workforce. TradeSTAR has always excelled […]


Thank you very much for everything you have done for us this past year. You have helped us meet our staffing goals and have sent us some great technicians. It has been awesome working alongside your local San Antonio office


I want to thank you and your team for all your help this year. Tradestar came through for us each and every time, not only in San Antonio, but in the other markets we work in as well. We truly value our partnership with you,


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