We Asked People About TradeSTAR, Here’s What They Said

We Asked People About TradeSTAR, Here’s What They Said

We Asked People About TradeSTAR, Here’s What They Said

Last month, as part of a recurring campaign to identify ways we can improve the TradeSTAR Experience, we asked one thousand current and former employees and clients what they think about TradeSTAR.  Not only did we receive great feedback on ways to improve but we also received the kind of feedback that reinforces why we do what we do.


We Asked and You Answered


What I love about TradeSTAR is that the team works hard to understand my company, what candidates will be successful, and then works hard to make a great match. Because I feel like TradeSTAR is selective in who they put in front of me, I look to TradeSTAR as my primary and favorite staffing partner. – Sam J. San Antonio Client


With COVID impacting the economy I haven’t had any stability at my old job, I called Tradestar and was working in less than a week! I have to say they are an amazing company and will put you to work ASAP. I even contacted staffing agencies and didn’t even hear back until after I was already working. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. – Chandler G. Houston Candidate


The guys at TradeSTAR are always checking in with us to make sure we have what we need and often request feedback from the supervisors on the techs they send to us, It shows they care about the quality of the technicians. – Nicole F. Houston Client


Great experience. Great agency to go thru while looking for a career – Nicolas Y. Houston Candidate


I’ve worked under Trade Star for almost two years now. New to the industry with little to no experience. They’ve been very helpful in making me marketable and training me with some basic knowledge to help get me started. A couple of months ago the company I was working for had to lay me off because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I had all but a couple of hours to stress and worry about what I was going to do for work before I received a call from Marsha (from TradeStar). She took the time to talk to me assesses my skill level and reassure me she was going to find work for me, within an hour I had a job interview with another company and started work the following Monday at my same wage.

It’s comforting to know that there’s a team of people out there looking out for you and doing some of the leg work. Thanks for everything Marsha and TradeStar! – Colby B. San Antonio Candidate


TradeStar has always provided the industry with quality technicians. I look forward to continue to work with you in the future. – David M. Austin Client


I’ve worked with a lot of good technicians that TradeSTAR has hired and placed. I started with TradeSTAR in the field and was hired by the first company I worked for. They were always helpful and went above and beyond for their employees. I ended up becoming a client of TradeSTAR and still hire good technicians from them that want to learn a career. I owe my career to them and I’m glad they are helping our industrySan Antonio Client


Tradestar always provides the type of manpower we need to push through the project to meet the completion date. – Mario V. San Antonio Client


Tradestar helped me find a job as soon as I moved to Houston. I would definitely recommend. – Martell J. Houston Candidate


Always great service from great people – Greg T. Dallas Client


Great. I was able to get into a stable career through tradestar. What I had been struggling to find for years. – Michael S. Houston Candidate


Overall very satisfied with my experience. Ray was a fantastic resource and recruiter. Really felt like an ally in my job search. Would highly recommend TradeSTAR to others. – Bradley W. Houston Candidate


Have used TradeSTAR for many years now and really appreciate the personal touch given by the folks over there. Will continue to use TradeSTAR as long as I am in need of additional help and also the quality of Techs sent! – James M. San Antonio Client


I have been able to find quality staff members through the agency. They work hard to find the talent requested. – Eddy P. Dallas Client


It was good the manpower had the experience required for the job. The salespersons are very helpful and fill the orders ASAP. – Ed F. Houston Client


TradeSTAR is an amazing company that truly cares about their employees both in house and out in the field. I started out my career with them and I’m thankful for the opportunity they gave me. – Maria T.  Austin Candidate


TradeStar has always managed to come through for in a pinch. Anyone can provide employees when the market for talent is plenty. Those that come through when the market is weak, are the ones I count on…like TradeStar. Good job guys. Keep up the good work! – Steve G. Houston Client


 I think Tradestar really works hard for our company and tries to find the best fit for us! – Kim T. Dallas Client


Great company, and amazing staff, definitely recommend going with them, they’ll get you set up quickly with various amazing companies they partner with , i’m at where i’m at right now cause of tradestar, so i thank them for that – CJ H. San Antonio Candidate


Very Professional and they are able to send me Technicians when I need the extra resources. The Team in San Antonio is always available when I need reach out to them. – David G. San Antonio Client


Always willing to accommodate and very professional. Most people we receive are great workers. – Jordan P. San Antonio Client


Tradestar is a great agency. Never had a complaint nor a problem. When I needed help they’re there to give me what I need and I can’t get a hold of someone then as soon as possible they’ve gotten back to me fairly quickly – Joshua M. Austin Candidate


My agent or representative Ray Ludvigsen was always on point and always there for me in any concern, I appreciate TradeStar for helping me with job opportunities and the support from Mr. Ray. Very happy to work with TradeStar, and thank you for the concern. – Alexander M. Houston Candidate


You can read more of the feedback we received when we asked people about TradeSTAR on our website or online at Facebook, Google, Indeed, and Glassdoor.


Why This Matters

Why are we asking people about TradeSTAR? Because what our customers think  matters to us. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our service to our clients. Customer feedback plays a central role in the decision-making process here at TradeSTAR. Customer feedback brings to light the things we can improve upon and steels our resolve when we hear we are getting it right. Additionally, we feel that what our customers think is not only important to us but important to you too.  So, we want to be sure that companies and career seekers who are hearing about TradeSTAR for the first time see what those who have experienced the TradeSTAR Difference have to say.

Our Goal

Team TradeSTAR aims to help ambitious career seekers identify opportunities to start or continue along a path that can lead to a rich and rewarding career while simultaneously providing commercial electrical contractors, low voltage cabling contractors, and technology integrators with the qualified talent they need to maintain and grow their business. Learn more about TradeSTAR here.

We Take Pride In Helping People

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