While some businesses are starting to re-open and hiring again, many are keeping their hiring process remote. And that can be a challenge for job seekers who may not yet be accustomed to virtual interviewing.  

Here are five useful tips to help you ace your virtual interview and impress your future employer.  

1. Test Your Tech  

As soon as the interview is confirmed, take the time to double-check your interview platform, internet connection, and anything else that could result in technical difficulties. Make sure your microphone, headphones, and webcam work when connected. If there is a lag with your internet, reach out to the provider for assistance, or find a location with a stronger internet connection.  

2. Research the Company  

One way to gain a competitive advantage over other candidates is doing your homework on the company you’re interviewing with. Watch some of their videos, read reviews from current employees on Glassdoor, explore their website, and check out their social media. Taking the time to research the company shows you’re genuinely interested in the position and allows you to tailor your pitch for how you can fit into their culture.  

3. Prepare for Common Questions  

Most companies rely heavily on two types of interview questions: situational and behavioral. Situational questions ask candidates how they would handle hypothetical situations, while behavioral interview questions focus on past experiences.  

This is another area where visiting Glassdoor could be useful, as former candidates share interview questions they’ve been asked. Use this to research commonly asked behavioral and situational interview questions.  

Some examples of behavioral and situational questions are: 

4. Pay Attention to Details  

While testing your equipment, check to see how much of your background appears on camera. If your resume says you’re organized and detail-oriented, an unmade bed or clothes scattered in the background could sink that claim. Make sure the background is clean, tidy, and presentable, and remove anything that could be offensive or distracting.   

And even if your interview is virtual, make sure to dress your best. When in doubt, opt for business professional, and strongly consider wearing the full outfit instead of just the part that’ll show onscreen. Doing so will give you a psychological edge.  

5. Engage with the Interviewer  

It’s normal to be nervous and want to win over the interviewer. Prepare for this by knowing your selling points, and reiterate them throughout the interview.  

Lead with a smile, and don’t be afraid to laugh and engage with the interviewer. Treat the virtual interview as if you were in the office.   

Also, don’t talk over the interviewer; instead, let them finish their sentences or questions. Not only will this save you in case there’s a lag in technology, but being respectful and kind will make a fantastic impression.  

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