The job search process is tiring – not just physically, but also emotionally. And when you’ve been searching for months, it can seem like there just aren’t any jobs available.  

That’s where staffing agencies come in. Staffing agencies work on behalf of companies to find temporary employees for immediate business needs. The agency posts jobs, vets candidates, and, eventually, hires employees. Here are six reasons working with a staffing agency could be an employment solution for you.  

1. You Can Work While You Search 

Even if you don’t see the position you hold during a temporary job as your life’s calling, it can pay the bills while you continue the search for your dream job. Temp jobs can also be a good way to enter the market and make a name for yourself.  

2. Your Temp Job Could Lead To Permanent Employment 

Not all companies hire staffing agencies for temporary jobs alone. Some hire employees on a temporary basis to vet them before making them a permanent company fixture. Still, others hire staffing agencies to fill permanent positions right off the bat.  

All that said, don’t expect a temporary job to automatically turn into a full-time gig. If you decide you want to work permanently at the company you’ve been temping for, let management know. Then, show them every day why you’d be an awesome team asset.  

3. You Can Build Your Skills 

Temp jobs can present valuable opportunities to build resume-boosting skills. After a few months on the job, the skills you learn can help propel you into a permanent position. To get the most out of these opportunities, match the agency you work with to the type of skills you’d like to build.  

4. You Might Get Work Faster 

When companies hire a staffing agency, they’re usually looking for the position to be filled as soon as possible. Since the staffing agency’s goal is to meet the employers’ needs, they’ll work to fill the position in a timely manner. While it may take weeks to even hear back after sending an application to a company directly, temping agencies get positions filled quickly, which means you could get work much faster.  

5. You Can Build A Network 

Working temporarily can help you make contacts in a company or an industry, so reach out to your fellow employees at the company. Even if the company you’re stationed at doesn’t have any open positions, your colleagues may have insider knowledge about openings in similar companies.  

6. You Can Explore Different Work Environments 

If you have only a vague idea of what your dream job would be, working with a staffing agency can give you experience with many jobs and industries in a short time. This can help clarify and focus your job application process.  

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