Technical trades come in many varieties, with each job path hitting a number of waypoints. If you’ve chosen the electrician path, you will probably find yourself with the title of “journeyman electrician.” So, what is a journeyman electrician, and what do they do? What are the educational and licensing requirements? And what are the prospects for journeyman electricians, both in terms of employment and salary? Read on. 

Defining “Journeyman Electrician”  

Journeymen electricians are partway through their training process. They have acquired the training and experience necessary to work independently, but have not attained licensure as master electricians.   

That means that as a journeyman, you may work with electrical wires, fixtures, and control systems in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. You could also install lighting and security systems or connect transformers, circuit breakers, switches, and outlets. Finally, you may also inspect and test the integrity of existing wiring systems and supervise the work of apprentices. That said, you probably won’t design the initial electrical system for a building until you are licensed as a master electrician. 

How Do I Become a Journeyman Electrician?  

Electricians generally learn their trade through a four-year apprenticeship program, which qualifies you for journey worker status and licensure. The classroom portion of an apprenticeship provides around 600 hours of instruction in electrical theory, local electrical codes, blueprint reading, and site safety.  

You’ll also receive 8,000 hours of on-the-job training performing tasks from drilling holes and setting anchors to connecting and testing wires – all while under an experienced electrician’s supervision. 

Do I Need a License? 

Many states require journeyman electricians to be certified or licensed. In addition to the apprenticeship requirements listed above, you may also have to pass a written exam on the National Electrical Code, local electrical codes, and electrical theory. And once you have a journeyman’s license, some states will require you to complete continuing education credits to renew it, helping you stay abreast of electrical code changes. 

What Are My Job Prospects As a Journeyman Electrician? 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities will grow by 10% in the 10 years ending in 2028. This expected growth will be driven by general population growth, retrofits to existing buildings, and the adoption of new technologies requiring electrical wiring expertise.  

When it comes to salary, Indeed’s figures show an average base salary of $65,000 annually. Even better news: Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio are three of the top eight highest paying U.S. cities for journeyman electricians.    

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