Wednesday, April 23, 2014


About Us

TradeSTAR is a leading provider of professional installers for the low voltage (voice/data, alarm, A/V) and electrical industries.  We support local, regional and national projects by deploying teams of technicians/electricians to contractors across the U.S.

Our team has over 18 years of experience in providing installation personnel for commercial, retail, and government markets.  We are staffing experts and pride ourselves on our industry-specific approach to recruiting, screening, and selecting qualified candidates.  We understand the time and budget constraints associated with installation projects and tailor our services to meet the demands of our clients.

We take pride in our ability to attract and retain the top talent in the industry and treat every employee with respect and professionalism.  This allows us to present the most qualified candidates to top companies across the country. 

We are industry specialists with key services in the area of STAFFING, TRAINING, AND RECRUITING.  Our business is your business, because this is ALL WE DO.  This allows us to focus our attention on the details that are important to our clients and employees.

We have extensive knowledge of the industries we serve and have gained this knowledge and experience by working with hundreds of contractors over the past several years.    We work closely with clients and employees to ensure PROJECT SUCCESS for all involved.

All of our employees are well-trained, qualified, and pre-screened to ensure they are productive the first day they are assigned to a project.  This helps ensure PROJECT SUCCESS for both our clients and employees.



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"90% of the temporary employees we used have been well prepared for the tasks we needed, right from the start.  They have extremely fair and flexible policies compared to other recruiting firms we have used.  They provide candidates that are specialized for our industry ensuring we have a great pool of candidates to select from."


***Austin Area Security Contractor


"Without having your company to call on for quality labor, we could not have achieved the level of success we have in the past two years."

---Dallas Area Cabling Contractor

"We were awarded a large project that has extended over two years. TradeSTAR has provided us with the ability to maintain our normal work load and take on the large project as well."

---Dallas Area Cabling Contractor

"Our ultimate goal on each installation is to strengthen our relationships with our clients through performance. We therefore, have depended upon TradeSTAR to supply us with the best qualified individuals to match our goals and reputation."

 ---Houston Area Cabling Contractor

"There have been numerous late afternoon requests for next day needs, and consistently the professional team at TradeSTAR has gone above and beyond to do what it takes to ensure our needs are met in the most expeditious manner."

---Houston Area Cabling Contractor

"There are few firms who are able to provide customer service like we have experienced with TradeSTAR.  I highly recommend you consider using TradeSTAR as a reliable partner for all of your staffing needs."

---Houston Area  Electrical Contractor

"Your ability to have these types of technicians ready at a moment's notice makes it easier for companies like ours to keep our customers satisfied in the quality of work we provide them.  I will definitely keep TradeSTAR in mind and will continue using TradeSTAR when I am asked to complete what seems to be impossible."

---National Cabling Contractor

"From my experience with TradeSTAR; I highly recommend  them to anyone looking for highly skilled technicians in the telecommunications industry.  With their extreme extensive experience, TradeSTAR has been able to provide a variety of staffing needs on the spot."

---Regional Cabling Contractor

 "The staff at TradeSTAR is always motivated and willing to assist us with our needs.  There are times when placing individuals on a job is crucial for our company; TradeSTAR has never let us down during these times.  The general consensus of our managers is that TradeSTAR exceeds our expectations and they pride themselves on customer service."

 ---Regional Cabling Contractor 


"We have been very impressed with the high caliber technicians we have been furnished by TradeSTAR.  We know we can count on technicians that are knowledgeable, skilled, and presentable to our customers."

 ---Dallas Area Electrical Contractor  

"TradeSTAR has evolved into an integral part of the way we conduct our busines.  We have found that TradeSTAR understands the marketplace conditions we work in and works to supply people tailored to those needs.  One of the most important aspects I would like to commend TradeSTAR on is their ability to communicate.  In today's world communication is everything, and TradeSTAR excels at doing this."

---Dallas Area Cabling Contractor


TradeStar is a member of the American Staffing Association (ASA)

TradeStar is a corporate member of Bicsi, a professional association supporting the information technology systems (ITS) industry.

TradeStar is WRC (Workers Compensation Risk Certification) Certified.