In the contracting business companies are only as good as their last project. This makes it critical to have a trustworthy staffing provider.

These are questions every Electrical & Low Voltage Contractor should be asking about their current & potential providers:

  • Do they staff everything? Am I competing with the plumbing, carpentry and concrete contractors for their time and attention?
  • Are they completing background checks and drug screens before they send manpower to my jobsites or are they waiting for me to ask?
  • Are they actually interviewing the candidates they send or sending me anyone who walks through the door?
  • Are they large enough to protect me when an accident or lay off occurs or will I be left holding the bag?
  • Are they willing to be flexible to meet my needs on ┬áspecific projects?
  • Is their billing department hard to reach and difficult to work with?
  • Are they familiar with common construction items like CIP, Prevailing Wage, Certified Payroll?


What Contractors should know about TradeSTAR:

  • Staffing Electrical & Low Voltage construction is All We Do. We are industry experts and your business is our business.
  • We conduct written and hands on skills assessments with all of our candidates
  • We conduct reference checks, license and certification/ verification, nationwide background checks, and drug screening before you see any candidate.
  • We screen for predatory behavior to mitigate your risk associated with workers compensation and unemployment.
  • We have a large talent pool and are sought out by TOP talent in the Electrical & Low Voltage industries.
  • We enable you to quickly adjust your labor force to meet fluctuating demand.
  • We are flexible and able to work “outside the box” to meet your changing needs.
  • Our expert staff can manage your needs when it comes to prevailing wage, certified payroll reporting, controlled insurance programs and more.
  • We hold the WRC Certification for our safety protocol. Safety is a top priority for us ! We feel that jobsite accidents are entirely preventable and not a cost of doing business.
  • We are actively involved in things that matter to the electrical and low voltage communities like the IEC, ABC and BICSI organizations.

With the high risk world we live in today and the growing scrutiny on today's construction sites & commercial facilities Contractors need to partner with a staffing provider who is helping manage their risk.


TradeSTAR. We are invested in your success. No surprises. Just good people.